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Free Cleaner For Android
No. 1 Rated App For Millions of Android Downloads, Invariably Easy To Use…
Compatible with: Android 4.4 & above
Free Cleaner For Android Features

Android phones work unceasingly as the applications use your internet data frequently. In order to keep your phone’s memory boosted and free of junk, it needs to be maintained regularly. Free Cleaner For Android promises you to entirely clean your Android device and boosts its memory as well as CPU.


Junk Cleaner


Phone Boost


Social Cleaning


Battery Saver


Similar Photos


Safe Browsing

Battery Saver

In today’s time when 90% phones are multimedia based, it becomes difficult to save the phone’s battery as the background apps also consume a lot of battery by being active. At times when your phone’s battery is low, you have to save it by keeping the brightness low and disconnecting the internet data. So, here comes an effortless solution to your problems related to battery saving, the Free Cleaner For Android also provides you tried and true methods to save your Android phone’s battery.

This application is entirely free to use and is purely apt for your phone to save its battery life.


Junk Cleaner

The other amazing feature of Free Cleaner For Android is Junk Cleaner that mops away the phone’s cache and the files that aren’t used anymore. The pointless data can be wiped away through this cleaning and boosting tool that helps in maintaining your Android device. It is perfectly used to uninstall the useless apps, clean the residual files and app cache etc., this is the benefit of Free Cleaner For Android, that it provides all-in-one features just under one roof.

It will help defending your Android phone from slowing down due to low memory.

Space Manager

Isn’t it wonderful that you even get to know which apps or files are taking most of the space on your phone so that you can manage them accordingly??

When it comes to a pact with the apps in your Android phone, you need to keep in mind that it’s not the sole app that creates junk but it is accompanied with its data and cache as well, that adds to ceasing the space. However, Free Cleaner For Android has made it easy and uncomplicated to remove the cached data for each discrete app in your phone. Just a single tap on the appropriate icon and the tool will help you maintain the overall space of your phone.

Free Cleaner For Android Benefits
The Free Cleaner For Android is very helpful and aids the user to be more productive as it is loaded with a great variety of features that are also easy to use. It boosts and cleans the device memory that can help you in keeping your Android phone in an active condition.

Phone Boost

Free Cleaner For Android is a great memory booster that eventually relieves your phone from unwanted background apps.


Junk Cleaner

It cleans the junk cache that ceases your phone from working smoothly, by removing the junk files.


Space Manager

Shows all the data of the device according to the category and helps in deleting the unwanted data as well.


Battery Saver

Notifies you when the battery is low and also aids in setting the limits of battery use.


Why choose Duplicate & Resizer

It is sometimes difficult to keep images on the phone that have bigger size as it grabs a lot of space. So, with Free Cleaner For Android, you get a whole new experience of resizing the images according to your need, without even losing the quality of the pictures. Along with the resizing tool, it’s noteworthy that the Free Cleaner For Android also removes the duplicate images from your phone. So to avoid this dilemma, your phone’s valuable space remains free by using this tool. Save your device, this will save your time.

Compatible with: Android 4.4 & above
Expert speak for Free Cleaner For Android
All-in-one app, it is easy to use and keeps my phone free of unnecessary junk files. This app is something that was long awaited and I would really recommend it to my friends too.
Nicole Moore
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