AdBlocker Pro

With AdBlocker Pro installed once, you can stay free of ads on your Mac always. So you can enjoy only the content you want.
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8+
Get, Set, Go Ad-Free!

AdBlocker Pro features a smarter ad blocking technology which when integrated to your network works on all browsers automatically

Privacy Remains Intact
AdBlocker Pro requires no annoying sign-ups, e-mail verification or any personal information. We don’t want your details.
Easy Setup
It takes just a few easy steps to setup this mini app. Follow the easy-to-go-ad-free tutorial steps to start blocking unobtrusive ads right away.
No YouTube, Facebook Ads, Pop-up Ads
AdBlocker Pro removes YouTube ads, Facebook ads and other social media ads even before you see them. That surely enhances your browsing experience.

The Power to Block Ads, Given to You

Install Once, Works Everywhere

Did an unobtrusive ad on a website embarrass you in front of a friend? Install AdBlocker Pro and save yourself from this embarrassment every time you flaunt a website or YouTube video or your Facebook profile.

Enjoy a clean, safe and popup-free browsing experience
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8+

Why Install AdBlocker Pro?

Blocks Annoying Ads

Ads have ruined our browsing experience by unnecessarily popping up in the middle of something we love to see and read. AdBlocker Pro revives your browsing and lets you see what you love, seamlessly.

Saves Data and Time

Data loaded by sites is cut by over 60% when you block ads on the web. That’s because loading ads consumes humongous data, leaving your browsing slow and interrupted.

No Need to Install Addons

AdBlocker Pro is injected into your network settings so that you never have to install an ad blocking plugin whenever you install a new browser. This app blocks ads even before they are loaded.

Improves Productivity

Besides ads, websites may often contain elements that distract you (like subscription boxes, discount popups). This app will never let you distract your browsing.
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