Compress Photos
A space saving app for videos & photos on iOS Devices!
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Requires: iOS 8 or later
Power of Compression

We know how much you love your digital memories, which is why we want you to compress them so that you don't have to delete them. You have the ultimate power to compress videos & photos so that you can recover your wasted storage space.

With Compress Photos, you have the control to compress contents of your Photos app so that you can make room for more such videos and photos.

Blazing Fast Photos Compression

Taking space saving to another level, a slick option to customize your compression settings has been integrated to this app. If you’ve shot photos & videos from your iOS device and suddenly fall short of storage space, this is the app you’ll need. It not only lets your photo fit into a frame perfectly, but also lets you recover space by making the photos smaller.

Compressing photos and videos is done very easily and quickly. Take a speed test and see it yourself.

Want to save space? Compress Photos

Yes, you can save a significant amount of storage by compressing photos & videos. Did you know videos you shoot using your iOS device suck up a lot of space? A 4-minute video might occupy a whopping 400MB of storage. So if you own a 16GB device, this is the perfect tool you’ll need if you don’t really want to delete other photos & videos.

Another best use of this nifty module will certainly be while mailing large photos & videos. You won’t have to access random cloud drives and share your videos & photos. Instead you can compress them and mail them directly to your loved ones. Smart, isn’t it?

Benefits of Compress Photos

Compress Photos is a well organized space saving app for your iOS device which helps you get rid of the frequent alert "Storage Almost Full". It allows you to trim down and organize your Photos library so that you never have to complain about low storage again.


Recovered Device Space

Compressing photos & videos results in more free space on your iOS device.


E-mail ready Photos

With Compress Photos installed, your photos & videos are always ready to be attached to an e-mail.


Organized Photos & Videos

Trimming down the size of your photos & videos is by far the best way to manage your Photos library.

Why use Compress Photos?

Rigorously tested, Compress Photos' algorithm has been developed with perfection to easily slim down contents of your Photos app. Compress Photos stands to be an award winning space saving app for your iOS devices. Play with its settings and see your storage space being slimmed down!

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Requires: iOS 8 or later
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