Duplicates Cleaner
The easiest & most efficient way to clean all duplicate files on your Mac. It scans every corner of your Mac and even external drives for multiple copies of your files to recover gigabytes of precious drive space.
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7+

"Duplicates Cleaner" is a state-of-the-art technology. It has been coded by industry experts with a combined industry experience of 32 years. Designed and tested with utmost care to clean every possible duplicate file from your Mac.

Simple to Use
Just drag and drop a folder of your choice into Duplicates Cleaner to scan for duplicate files and clean all scanned duplicates with a click to recover space.
Blazingly Fast
It takes Duplicates Cleaner only a few seconds to clean all duplicates from your Mac and external drives (if attached), irrespective of the number of files you have on your drives.
Remarkably Intelligent
Scans and find all the duplicate and identical files on your Mac. It categorizes all the scanned files and makes sure that at least one copy of each file is kept intact.
Why is it important
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Eliminates Redundancy

Duplicates Cleaner scans all your drives for duplicates and lets you clean them, thereby getting rid of all the redundant files on your Mac to save ample disk space.

Recovers Drive Space

Cleaning duplicate files including photos, videos, music and much more helps in recovering precious disk space on your Mac so that you have more room for other data.

Organizes Data

Deleting dupes gives you an organized data drawer on your Mac. It also lets you manage your files at one place so that you don’t have data scattered all over.

Supports External Devices

Duplicates Cleaner supports external devices attached to your Mac. It lets you scan & clean duplicate files on these devices (if attached).

Why choose Duplicates Cleaner?

You may accidentally save a file twice or more than twice over random locations. This clutters your Mac & occupies space. Duplicates Cleaner’s has the ability to make your Mac lighter in storage by scanning & letting you delete these duplicate files. It’s super smart & awesome!

Clean Duplicate Files With Duplicates Cleaner
downBt Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 +
Users Reviews and Testimonials
Fantastic App...
This is a wonderful app. It helped me cleaning loads of duplicate files and recover a big chunk of disk space. I am so happy about it. Thank You! Eagerly waiting to see, what's coming up next.
Morris Varga - Sr. Quality Analyst
Very Good Utility...
A necessary app for my Mac. A big relief for all those who have a hard drive which is full. I can easily manage all my files now. Simple and hassle free. Highly recommended to all the Mac Users.
Taylor Johnson - Housewife
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