Duplicate Photos Cleaner
A magnificent tool that allows you to scan & remove duplicate & similar photos from your iOS device so that it gets lighter in storage & you can do a lot with its camera.
Compatible with: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Requires: iOS 8 or later
Remove Duplicates
in One Go!

Duplicate Photos Cleaner has been developed with an intention to recover chunks of storage space on your iOS device. And how? By giving you the power to delete duplicate & similar photos hiding in every corner of your Photos app. This app works best if:

  • You love to keep your photo memories organized.
  • You love clicking endless pictures with your loved ones.
  • You want to get rid of the frequent message "Storage Almost Full".
Benefits of Duplicate Photos Cleaner

Duplicate Photos Cleaner is a well organized space saving app for your iOS device which helps you recover chunks of storage space. It allows you to trim down and organize your Photos library so that you never have to complain about low storage again. Even more, it's automated! You don't have to sift through your photos manually.


Recovered Space

Cleaning duplicate photos results in more free space. So go ahead & create more memories without having to worry about free space again.


Eliminated Duplicates

Cleaning duplicates and similar photos removes redundancy and keeps your Photos collection unique & free of duplicates.


Organized Photos

Removing duplicates gives you a neat & organized library of Photos. Delete duplicates, stay organized!

Why choose Duplicate Photos Cleaner?

If you like to keep your Photos memories organized, Duplicate Photos Cleaner is the perfect tool you need to get the job done! It helps you remove duplicate photos from your iOS device swiftly. Install & get started. Delete duplicates, save space!

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Requires: iOS 8 or later
Delete duplicates, stay organized!

Finding & deleting duplicates has never been this easy. The elegant design & working of this slick tool is aimed at giving you the best experience of organizing your precious memories on your iOS device.

With Duplicate Photos Cleaner installed, you can save your precious time by deleting duplicate & similar photos with a few taps only. This automated tool works just the way you want it to. Play around with its in-built settings to get duplicates of your choice.

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