Disk Reviver
Disk Reviver’s optimization bundle lets you speed up your Mac by freeing up storage space and optimizing its memory. This is by far the best way to fine tune your Mac for optimum performance.
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 +

With Disk Reviver on your Mac, you can always reclaim wasted disk space in a click. Its comprehensive features always ensure you have a well maintained Mac.


Memory Enhancer

If you have any memory hungry apps running, an in-built optimizer lets you optimize RAM to enjoy a smooth Mac experience.


Junk Cleaner

Junk keeps accumulating with time and usage of apps & games. The junk cleaner scans & lets you remove junk from time to time.


Duplicates Cleaner

With this module, you can scan & delete multiples copies of a file or document or picture etc. to make your Mac much lighter in storage.

One-Touch Cleaner

The One-Touch Cleaner includes four essential tools that help in cleaning your Mac with one click! It cleans unwanted cache & log files, empties Trash and clears all incomplete downloads for your Mac’s optimum performance.

Trash Manager

Trash Manager enables you to clean all items in Trash in a single click. This helps you save ample of disk space. You don’t have to do it manually, Disk Reviver will do it for you when you need to recover storage space.

Recover GBs of Space, Smartly!
Disk Reviver is an overall space saving & optimization tool developed exclusively for your Mac. Whenever your Mac runs slow, it is generally due to unwanted junk accumulating over time.
Your Mac can have many duplicate files and large files whose size might add up to some gigs of memory. And surprisingly, you might not even need these files. They are generally hard to locate since they are hiding in random locations you are not aware of. Disk Reviver helps you deeply scan & delete these files so that you can recover chunks of storage space.
Why install Disk Reviver?
Disk Reviver has been developed to let you save storage space on your Mac to keep it running like it’s freshly unboxed. And if you have a brand new Mac, this tool lets you maintain its speed and performance for a longer time. So install it today!
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 +
User Testimonials
Fantastic Space Saver!
This tool has worked wonders for me. I was able to free 3GB of space by just deleting duplicate files I never knew existed.
Kyle Nicene- Home User
Increased Space by 2GB
I was able to improve my gaming experience and surprisingly saved about 2GB of space by deleting large files and running the one-touch cleaner feature.
Patra Lero - Designer
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