File Helper
An app to give you detailed info about any file or folder on your Mac. You can also see a list of apps compatible with your file.
Compatible with: 10.8 +
What is File Helper?

File Helper is an app that allows you to see detailed info about a file or folder. And how? By simply right clicking on the file/folder and choosing ‘Get File Info’ option. That’s not all, you can also see a list of apps compatible with the file you choose. This is an app that’s small in size and always handy.

Features & Benefits

All that makes File Helper nifty & handy


Drag & Drop File/Folder

Simply drag & drop a file/folder of your choice whose details you wish to know. It’s that easy!


View Compatible Apps

View the list of apps that are compatible with your file so that it’s easy for you to view that file later.


View Info With Right Click

See all details of the file/folder of your choice by simply right clicking on the item and choosing ‘Get File Info’.

How to get File Helper?

Simply get File Helper from the Mac App Store. Download it by clicking on the button below. You can then start viewing detailed info of any file/folder.

Compatible with: 10.8 +
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