Memory Optimizer Pro

A nifty little RAM Optimization App for your Mac that's simple & fast!

Compatible with: Mac OS X 10.8+
What is Memory Optimizer Pro?
A perfect solution to monitor and accelerate slow and a lagging Mac!

This tool is all about boosting your Mac!

Memory Optimizer Pro is a powerful app that cleans and boosts up your RAM so that you can enjoy a speedy Mac experience. When you close an app, your Mac generally caches data to RAM for faster access on the next launch of that app. And then when you launch a memory hungry game or app, your Mac tends to lag in performance.

Memory Optimizer Pro cleans this memory that is inactive or no longer in use. This will enhance the overall performance of your Mac, letting you sift through your favorite apps and games seamlessly.

Enjoy the power packed features of Memory Optimizer Pro to keep your Mac running smooth and flawlessly.


With this feature, you need not worry about refreshing memory frequently to monitor your RAM usage. This app will do it for you at the time interval you set.


1-Click Optimize

This feature makes optimization a click away. Whenever your Mac lags in speed, boost it with a click to smoothly optimize RAM for better performance.


Memory Statistics

If you want to see how RAM is managed on your Mac, this is the feature you'll love. It'll help you monitor and manage memory usage the right way.


Set Threshold Level

You can decide at what point you'd want this app to clean memory when you’re running low on memory resources. This boosts your Mac’s speed.



You can customize this app just the way you want. Hide it from dock, set the view of memory usage details (either % view or normal view) or anything you want.


24x7 Support

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When your Mac slows down, it's time to optimize it with
Memory Optimizer Pro

Compatible with: 10.8 +
Why use Memory Optimizer Pro?
It is one essential tool for your Mac that's simple, fast & clean!


The app's interface has no bells & whistles. It is extremely easy to use. Once you're done using a memory intensive game or app, you can release the inactive RAM with a click.



Freeing up wasted RAM can be done at a lightening fast speed. If your memory is overloaded, you can clean it within seconds. Yes, within SECONDS!



Optimizing memory cleans up inactive RAM so that your MAC runs smoothly and does not freeze in the middle of anything you're doing.

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