Mac Space Reviver
Quick, Easy & Most Efficient way to clean all duplicate files on your Mac. Scan your Mac and external drives for duplicates to recover gigabytes of precious drive space
Supporting Mac OS X 10.7 +
App Overview

"Mac Space Reviver" is a state of the art technology. It has been coded by industry experts with a combined industry experience of 32 years. Designed and tested with utmost care to clean your every possible duplicate file from your Mac.


Admirably Simple

Simply drag and drop a folder of your choice into Mac Space Reviver to scan for duplicate files and click Multi Select to quickly clean all the scanned duplicates.


Magnificently Fast

It takes Mac Space Reviver only a few seconds to clean all the duplicates from your internal and external drives, irrespective of the number of files you have on your drives.


Remarkably Intelligent

Scans and find all the duplicate and identical files on your Mac. It categorizes all the scanned files and makes sure that at least one copy of each file is kept intact.

Why your Mac needs it?

Mac Space Reviver lets you scan and clean all the duplicate files including photos, music, videos & a lot more on your Mac to save valuable drive space & enhance Mac performance.


Eliminates Redundancy


Recovers Drive Space


Organizes Scattered Files


Cleans External Drives

Why is it Awesome?

"Mac Space Reviver" smartly scans for duplicate files on your internal and external drives and lets you clean and organize them at one place in no time.


Smart Scanning Algorithm


Splendid Navigation


Elegant Design


One Click Multi Select

Supporting Mac OS X 10.7 +
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Users Reviews and Testimonials
Terrific Performance
I had my Mac clean and running super fast again in only a few minutes. I could not have done it without Mac Space Reviver. I am pleased with it's terrific performance and I am willing to put my stamp of recommendation on this fantastic tool.
Clio - Rock Climber
Exactly what i wanted
It is a great utility. I finally found what I needed for my Mac since long. This is the best and the easiest way to get back tons of space. My Mac just works like it worked when it was new. I am very happy and delighted. Thanks!
Sidra - Reporter
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