Resize Photos
An app, beautifully designed to reduce the size of your photos and save a significant amount of space on your Android device in no time!
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Compatible with: Android 4.0.3 & above
What is Resize Photos?
Resize Photos app lets you reduce the frame size of your photos to perfectly fit them into another frame without affecting the quality and helps you recover a substantial amount of storage space on your Android device! This app makes it easy for you to share the photos with your loved ones and also get them printed on almost all sizes of paper without difficulty.
Power of Resizing
We know how much you love your photos, which is why we aim at optimizing your photos & storage space to the fullest. You have the power to resize the photos so that they can fit into a different frame space and most importantly, the wasted storage space is recovered.
With Resize Photos, you have the control to reduce the size of your Photos app so that you can make room for more photos and never worry about running out of storage space on your device.
Want to recover space?
Resize Photos
Yes, you can save a considerable amount of storage by resizing photos that you have on your Android device. Photos generally occupy most of the space on your device creating a problem of low storage space on your device.
So if your device is running out of space, this is the tool you’ll need if you don’t really want to delete the photos from your android device.
Get Resize Photos on Android Now!

You can make the most out of this app while printing photos. You won’t have to worry about the size of the photo and print dimensions. Instead you can resize photos according to the paper size and print them without having to compromise with the quality. Great, isn’t it?

Compatible with: Android 4.0.3 & above
User Testimonials
I have been waiting for something like this since long. I am always troubled with the low space issue on my phone. This app got me out of the biggest problem I had with my phone. Thank you!
Rex D'Souza
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